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Control Systems for a Wide Variety of Industrial and Power Facility Applications

HF Controls Corporation delivers industry-leading control system solutions for numerous industrial and power facility applications, including nuclear power plants and coal plants.

Our control systems include:


HFC-6000 - Our Most Advanced Nuclear Qualified Control System Nuclear Power Plant

The most advanced, nuclear qualified control system in HFC's arsenal. Specifically designed for control and monitoring of the most critical applications. The system is capable of functional operation even in the most intense physical, electrical and seismic environments. The HFC-6000 blends the most advanced features from AFS and ECS technology into a subcompact, Class 1E control system.


FPGA Based HFC-6000 Platform - Our Safety Control System

The FPGA version HFC-6000 safety control system is a generic platform design in accordance with all requirements of safety control system in NPPs. The design is mainly focused on the algorithms calculation power and response time through high speed communication links. The complexity in the implementation reflects in many aspects which include automated tools for use in applications and FPGA codes generation and validation, true parallel processing for heavy analog logics and multiple level communication networks.


ECS-1200 - Powerful, Scalable Distributed Control System

A world-class distributed control system with a proven track record in a wide variety of industry applications from boiler control to water and wastewater SCADA, the ECS-1200 Distributed Control System redefines process control and automation technology. Each system can be configured to accommodate a variety of I/O, operator interfaces and other system requirements.