Corporate Profile

HF Controls Corporation (HFC), a supplier of Instrumentation and Controls (I&C) for the power industry is located in Carrollton, Texas.  HFC was established in 1961 as Forney Engineering Company and commissioned by Foster Wheeler to develop plant control systems.  HFC is a subsidiary of  Enerbility in the US.  and operates as  HF Controls.  

The HF Controls Enerbility (formerly known as Hanjung or Korea Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.). HF Controls is one of Korea's largest and most successful establishments and is known for progressive management, high quality, and business sincerity. 

HFC supplies the following three product lines: AFS-1000 (boiler safety and nuclear safety I&C systems); ECS-1200 (Distributed Control System for fossil power, non-safety nuclear power, and industrial process applications); and HFC-6000 (nuclear safety I&C systems). HFC specializes in the design and construction of high reliability control systems for nuclear power, fossil power, and a variety of industrial applications. Based on field proven technology, HFC supplies its customers with a broad array of advanced control hardware that offers distributed intelligence and information management. HFC provides process control systems, advanced enterprise management software, I&C technology, engineering, project management, and field services. 

HF Controls is a global company with a long history of various nuclear and non-nuclear I&C system installations around the world.  Sales representatives and engineering service capabilities assure its clients that their production process is controlled and that their needs are met.  HFC participates in many I&C system projects in Asia through its established local offices