HF Controls Corporation is proud to be a provider of leading control system technology throughout the world. We strive to meet or exceed every customer's expectation through our unparalleled field service support and excellence as a custom engineering firm. When faced with such challenges, HF Controls has always emerged successfully, providing customized solutions through refined, engineering efforts. We design not just a typical control system, but a control system custom tailored for each and every application distinctively.

Control System Upgrades

HF Controls is able to implement the newest technology available for customers who are looking to upgrade their existing ECS or AFS distributed control systems. Our engineering staff is continuously developing innovative control system equipment to further enhance your control system features and capabilities to meet technology's constantly growing needs.

Telephone Support

For complete customer support from one of our engineers, we provide full teleconference services to enable plant staff to troubleshoot and fix immediate concerns. To schedule a teleconference, click here and fill out the secure order form.

RMA Inquiry

We understand the importance of plant uptime, and that is why we undergo specific procedures to process each RMA in accordance with our strict quality control guidelines. Our test engineers can diagnose hardware component failures quickly, providing fast turnaround times.

Spare Parts Inquiry

Looking for a spare parts quote? We have customer care representatives who can find exactly what you are looking for as well as answer any questions you may have regarding your ECS or AFS control system.

Proposal Inquiry

HF Controls has experienced proposal engineers who can develop a detailed proposal complete with conceptual system arrangement drawings, equipment lists, and technical configuration data all in accordance with specifications provided.

Our research and development staff generate innovative hardware and software. Our test engineering department provides rigorous integration testing support of the hardware and software applications for unsurpassed value, quality, and reliability. In addition to modern engineering offices and development labs, HF Controls possesses extensive integration and test capabilities encompassing:

  • Environmental test chambers that permit entire systems to be cycled through a range of real-life, critical operating conditions

  • Sophisticated simulation testing mimics specific field conditions to verify exact hardware and software functionality and overall, complete control system validation

  • Full, actual exercise and point verification of all system I/O

  • Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) laboratories that permit detailed testing and analysis of critical control system components for the highest degree of quality

  • Full I&C Test and Repair Facilities that provide enhanced diagnosis procedures for extremely quick turnaround times on control systems hardware

The diversity seen in our employees all contribute to the overall team effort as various departments and personnel work together to accomplish each project in the appropriate time and professional manner. Our company is ISO-9001 certified and we follow 10CFR50 Appendix B guidelines, assuring you of product quality. We provide this unsurpassed dedication to quality control and assurance procedures to maintain the customer loyalty in our control systems.

For HF Controls, technical innovation, quality products, and excellent customer service are the cornerstones of our organization.