Decades of Experience in Control System Design

HF Controls designs and installs superior control systems for nuclear plants

With a huge installed base worldwide, Doosan HF Controls has extensive control systems experience in almost every type of industrial application. We have close ties with the most renowned companies domestically and internationally. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and continued support for our control systems whether it is one year or one decade after installation.

The following list represents just a short sample of Doosan HFC's breadth of experience in a variety of industrial applications:


  • Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant
  • Ulchin Nuclear Power Plant
  • Kori Nuclear Power Plant
  • KEDO Nuclear Power Plant
  • Shin Kori & Shin Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant
  • Automatic Seismic Trip System (ASTS) All Korean Nuclear Sites


  • Garland Power & Light
  • Public Establishment of Electricity Of Syria
  • Public Service of Oklahoma
  • Santee Cooper
  • TXU Electric
  • Upper Peninsula Power Company
  • City of Vero Beach
  • Wisconsin Electric Power Company
  • Central Louisiana Electric Company
  • Philadelphia Electric Company
Doosan HF Controls designs and installs superior control systems for water and desalination facilities


  • Tucson CAP (Central Arizona Project) Tucson Water
  • King County Municipal (Renton Freshwater Treatment Plant)
  • King County Municipal (West Point Freshwater Treatment Plant)
  • Pyungtaek City WWTP
  • Songtan City Wastewater Treatment
  • Asan City Wastewater Treatment
  • Namyangju City Freshwater Treatment
  • Yongin Freshwater Treatment
  • Inceon Kajwa Water Treatment
  • Suncheon Water Treatment
  • Kimpo Wastewater Treatment
  • Exxon Mobil Baytown


  • California Portland Cement Company (Colton Plant)
  • Foster Wheeler, Charleston, SC (Municipal Solid Waste)
  • Foster Wheeler, Martinez, CA
  • Foster Wheeler, Mt. Carmel (Pennsylvania Cogeneration)
  • New Hanover County, NC (Steam Generation Facility)
  • Trigen-Kansas City District-Energy Corporation


  • AMOCO Chemicals, Mont Belvieu, TX (Polypropylene)
  • ARCO Oil & Gas Company (C02 Mining)
  • Exxon (Polypropylene - Compounding & Extruding)
  • Exxon (Plastics Plant - Total Plant Control)
  • Quimeca del Rey, Mexico (Magnesium Oxide)
  • Petrocel S.A., Mexico (Dimethyl Terephthalate)
  • Saudi Yanbu Petrochemical Co.(Polymer Reactor, Catalyst Preparation
  • and Dry End Control)
  • Petrocel S.A., Mexico (Ecopol Plant)


  • Box Crow Cement Company (Total Plant Control)
    California Portland Cement Company (Colton Plant)
    California Portland Cement Company (Mojave Plant)
    California Portland Cement Company (Rillito Plant)

Coal Handling

  • Dakota Gasification Company
  • Taiwan Power Company (Dalin Coal Handling Facility)
  • Hadong Thermal Power Plant (Coal Handling Facility)

Balance of Plant

  • Walt Disney World (Chiller Plant Control System)


  • U. S. Steel Corporation (Continuous Slab Caster)